“Unleash Your Inner Healer” Virtual Health Summit

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FREE Virtual Health Summit!

Beginning September 16th.


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I’ve assembled 21 of the finest minds in science, healing, medicine, movement and food healing, to bring you an unprecedented health summit. A fusion of specialties rarely seen together.

Don’t Miss This Opportunity to See: “Unleash Your Inner Healer.”

This summit is designed for those who want to Discover New Tools for Health, Longevity and Happiness. It is an opportunity to reformat your understanding of illness and for the way you “believe,” healing takes place.

Imagine taking back control of your health and joy. Navigating the maze of healthcare with more ease and confidence. From Authors, Educators, Doctors, Intuitive and Plant-Based Healers, Scientists, Researchers, Health Coaches, Specialists in Movement and Joy, you will learn the following and much, much more:

  • That your genes don’t control your health.
  • The advantages of a vegan plant-based lifestyle.
  • How Healing Qigong can heal and enhance your life.
  • The latest in Stem Cell Therapy, from naturally stimulating your own stem cells to infusing new stem cells.
  • You will learn the latest science on the Human BioField and healing.
  • Gain guidance in plant based healing and conscious eating.
  • You will learn how specific movement and exercise promotes healing of the mind, body and quality of life.
  • Discover tools for utilizing the power of the mind and consciousness for healing and manifesting joy.

Because I know how busy you are, each time-respectful, authentic and unedited episode, will address and offer practical tools important and useful for your health, longevity and joy.

What would it be worth to listen one-on-one with the brightest minds in health, longevity and healing? To increase your knowledge, understanding, gain powerful tools and be a vital participant in your own health?

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Unleash Your Inner Healer Summit Optin Page



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