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Step 1. Truly know your destiny.

For the majority of people, this may be the most difficult step.

Though we often think we know what we want in life, fear, denial, delusion and pleasing others easily clouds one’s destiny.

Step 2. Have a clear picture in your mind.
Visualize or imagine your goal and objective clearly on a daily basis as if it has already happened.
Feel the sensation of having achieved your success.
Practice intentional dream work moving you forward toward your destiny.
Step 3. Move ego driven desires aside.
Ego driven desires can create stress, anxiety, a constant lack of fulfillment and disassociation from oneself and others.
True fulfillment does not come from amassing attention, status and material things because that desire will expand to perpetually wanting more and never having enough. This can create a great feeling of emptiness.
Desiring and having material things is a good thing. It’s what creates the journey. But if the desire is your driving force, if that’s what gets you up in the morning then the expectations will never be fully met and you will never be content.
Ego driven desires will control you.
Step 4. Don’t let other peoples opinions sway you from keeping steady on a course towards your personal destiny.
It’s your destiny not theirs.
Step 5. Avoid limiting thoughts of doubt, fear or worry.
They’re only thoughts and not real. Believe and have faith.
Know you will be successful.
Step 6. Take Action each and every day moving towards your destiny.
It’s not enough to meditate, pray, visualize and dream.
You Must Take Action.
Whether you work for eight hours or five minutes each day.
Consistently take regular Action.
Action, Action, Action.
Take Charge of Your Own Destiny.
Manifest Your Dreams