Eternally Pure, Blanketing Humankind in Broad Omnipresent Arms of Divine Spirit,

A Rhythmic Pounding Benevolently Expanding out of All Hearts, Cherishing Humankind,

Compassionately Conscious of Life’s Every Thought, Gesture and Action,

Intuitively Perceptive to the Soul’s Unconditional, Unblemished Intention,

Receiving Infinite, Illuminated Knowledge Flashing over Spiritual Laceworks within Endless Parallel Dimensions,

Eminently Crowned in Soft Orchid-White Light, a Beacon of Freedom and Virtue,

Inherently Sanctified, an Affinity for Taming Mortal’s Unmerciful Disharmony,

Radiating Gentle Graceful Spiritual Serenity, Offering Unwavering, Absolute Faith,

Each Sweet Breath of Loves Bright Light Lavishly Permeated with Fragrant Loving Enlightenment,

Smiles Brimming Indiscriminately and Profusely Engorged of Enchanted Kindness,

Open Armed, Liberally Disseminating Fruitful Measures of Charitable Servitude,

Generating Limitless Salvation Unwrapped in Breathtaking Magnitudes of Life,

Selflessly Respecting and Cherishing Each Life-form for It’s Unique and Peerless Purpose within the Universe,

Diffusing Lines Between Color, Race, Gender, Species, Matter, Non-Matter, Time and Space, Blending and Combining All things in the Blessed Purity of the Energy that is Everything,

Without Effort, Ascending Far Beyond the Masses, Aligning It’s Immaculate Light with the Highest Goodness for all,


Live Life’s Joy!
Dr. Robin L. Futoran