When daily physical matter is not distracting us, we are more attuned to our Divine Selves and unique, expansive abilities.

Within the limitations of language and comprehension, these multiple planes of reality might concurrently be called past, present, future, parallel electromagnetic fields, heavenly, celestial, or fields of divine energy.

In these many planes of reality, time and space are not as we understand them in this physical world.

Modes of communication and interpretation of information is vastly incomparable to what and how we learn throughout this lifetime.

Concurrently throughout a day, our brains do continually sense, hear and retrieve bits of information from many levels of consciousness without our awareness.

Unfortunately, our brain and nervous systems are too overwhelmed and distracted by the world of our current incarnation and physiological limitations for interpreting information, making it difficult to utilize this connection and associated information.

We could not possibly process the immensity of information.
“You’re Already in Heaven”
page 28
copyright May 2010
Dr. Robin L. Futoran

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