During a dream state, we are:

Interacting with others past, present and in the future,

More clearly connected to the place of our origin,

Beings of energy and light, flowing with grace and ease within the great ocean of energy that is all of us.
We move freely and spontaneously through the vast universe of love and spiritual energy that is everything.
In this state of sleep and dreams without the distractions of wakefulness,

our true nature as beings of pure energy have the capability of creating and altering physical matter.

We are connected to the energy of our origin.

We are the energy of our origin.

We are the same energy of everything that lives.

We are a unique extension of the energy that is everything, Divine Conscoiusness.

We are everything.
“You’re Already in Heaven”
page 29-31
copyright May 2010
Dr. Robin L. Futoran

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