Melting into slumbering states of sleep and dreams, it is not that we detach from the consciousness of our current waking selves, but rather we just stop focusing on our present physical state.

Our Spiritual Selves loosen from the confines of the physical world, rising out of and above our conscious and unconscious mind, permitting easy transition into multiple parallel planes of reality.

As modern Quantum Physics is coming to terms with multiple parallel planes of reality, at least ten or eleven to validate the M Theory, there are signs of infinitely more levels existence.

Though our Spiritual Self functions at very high levels even during waking hours within a multitude of realities in every moment, we are far more active and more easily aware of our true nature when our physical bodies are at total rest.
“You’re Already in Heaven”
page 32
copyright May 2010
Dr. Robin L. Futoran

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