Money and having things will never fix anything in your life or bring authentic health, love and joy. Money and possessions never have you feel better for more than a moment in time, they will not relive depression and nor make you happy.

Accumulating stuff is not what’s important.

Money and things can be very nice, but will only enhance where you are in the here and now, magnify what you already feel.

If you are feeling sadness, pain, depression, and loneliness, money and possessions will only exaggerate those feelings.

If you feel health, happiness, love, and excitement, money can increase those feelings.

Having “things” you think you want will make your feelings stronger though not better.

Creating health, love and joy is independent of money, things and everything else on the outside…

Even the poorest person in the most destitute of locations, could easily be far happier, healthier and enjoy more love and life than the wealthiest person living in the most beautiful place.

A recent example might be the very sad and untimely passing of Whitney Houston. With all she possessed in life, all the successes, fame and fortune, the ability to have and do anything she chose, she was lacking true joy, health and happiness;

Viktor Frankl would have said “She had the means, but no meaning…”

It’s Great to have all the wealth and abundance, beyond what you can imagine (The Means), and why not! But that is not what will bring you health, happiness, love and joy (The meaning)…

Wherever you may choose to hang your hat on this planet, whatever you are choosing to feel, Love, Joy, Peace and Harmony remain an “inside job;” And always will…

Live in your own Joy, and share with it others:-)

Photography by:
Dr. Robin L. Futoran
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