Balance; a law of nature.

Diffusion and Osmosis; are processes where molecules move either freely or from a higher concentration to lower concentration on each side of a semi permeable barrier (a cell membrane for example), in order to create balance in a system. The balance is called equilibrium.

Homeostasis; Maintaining a stable, constant condition. A state where a cell, the body or an environment is in balance and equilibrium. This is easily understood by looking at some of the body systems when they are functioning appropriately. There is balance in our body, when temperature regulation, blood pressure regulation, and all the organs of the body are in a state of Homeostasis. When there are just the right amount of blood cells being produced and recycled, the gases of respiration allowing the proper amount of oxygen to all areas of the body and just the right amount of carbon dioxide leaving the body, along with so many other physiological activities in balance, we are in a state of Homeostasis. There are in fact trillions of biochemical reactions occurring in our body every second in order to maintain this balance. That is just one of nature’s laws.

The thought of balance in nature, had me thinking of a commonly used saying, “This Too Shall Pass.”

Now most often, “This Too Shall Pass,” is associated with a stressful and undesirable situation or event where we are looking forward to feeling the opposite. Like in situations of being unable to find a work, feeling depressed and sad at the loss of a loved one, the break up of an important relationship, having an illness, feeling lonely, or being without a home.

The truth is, “This Too Shall Pass,” is also just as true for joyful or positive situations and events. And that is not a bad thing, it is just a law of nature. There needs to be balance. No one is eternally blissful nor indefinitely depressed. I’m sure you have heard the saying “If you have never experienced sadness or upset, you could never know joy and happiness.”


Now this doesn’t mean that we need to experience 50% joy and 50% despair of some sort. Everyone chooses to their own variation of that split. Now in the big picture of the universe of course, the balance equals out to 100%. If we could lounge on a star with our “iPhone quantiative positive/negative energy receiver app,” detecting the forces of joy and despair on the earth, we would find them to be radiating in equal parts. But when standing here on the planet each person, life form and environment experiences and emits their own differential in experiencing joy and sorrow, happiness and depression, elation and stress and so on.

Some people might choose to perceive they are in a place of upset 60% or 70% of time while living in joy only 30% or 40% of the time. Others may be in joy 90% of time while spending only 10% of their time in places of distress. There are limitless variations in the degree of happiness and unhappiness one can choose.

The greater point here is, that we can choose how much time we will spend dwelling in states of worry, doubt, fear and sadness versus joy, happiness, peace and harmony. Practice tipping the scale in the direction of your choice.

Know that if you are finding yourself saying “This Too Shall Pass,” because something in life does not seem to be working right now, know that what your experiencing is exactly what you are supposed to be experiencing in that moment as one of nature’s simple laws, and that you could just as easily be feeling great and “That Too Shall Pass” would apply just the same. Homeostasis…

But to transcend a negative place, notice how are you choosing to perceive the world around you in any given moment? Notice what are doing about it, and also they way you are acting (taking action or not). There are always three great opportunities that can always pull you out of a place of discord. These keys are, a change in


(seeing the situation differently), modifying your


(being different in the situation), or taking a new


(doing something that will improve your state).

Are you choosing to live in a higher percentage of negative, stressful energies or are you willing to alter your view, take a new action, change the way you are being in new ways during those moments in order to raise your percentage of joy and happiness?

Where are you choosing your balance of positive and negative to reside?

What is a new and empowering way you can look at this situation?

What can you do right now, what action can I take, what new perspective can you create that will increase your ability to experience joy and move in the direction of your highest and best?

When you are ready (now is a good time), re-evaluate your perspective, make a plan for a new action, change up whatever it is that you have been doing to keep you stagnant or repressed, be the best you that you know you are capable of, then take a new step; Now…, get up, I mean Now…!

Just something I’d been pondering…

Live in the Joy of Life’s Homeostasis!
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Photography by:
Dr. Robin L. Futoran

Healing Mankind Project