In the Beginning there was One Energy,

One Energy.

That One Energy gave rise to all things physical and all things non-physical,

Still it remained One Energy; The Energy That Is Everything (TETIE).

Within TETIE, there was always just One Word,

The One Word was the truth and it contained all words, all sound, all knowledge, all thoughts and all ideas within itself.

Out of the One Word came the word of all languages that would ever come into being, each containing part of the truth of the one word.

From this One Word came all cultures and all societies, and all perspectives that would ever exist, each reflecting a portion of the One Word.

The One Word gave rise to the words that are many and each word contained a portion everything and portion of the truth, but not everything, and not the entire truth.

Each language contained a portion of the truth, but not the whole truth,

Each society contained a portion of the truth, but not the whole truth,

Each religion contained a portion of the truth, but not the whole truth,

And yet the one word resonated from within each of these languages, cultures, religions and societies.

The word gave meaning, the word streamed with truth and energy, the word was within everything,

This One Word is Divinely of TETIE, of the heavens and the earth, the seen and unseen,

Present everywhere and the composition of every-thing, the One Word is the self of every being and all things,

Wisdom of all things, of all people and all life is contained within the One Word,

Waiting to be discovered by every life form while present from before the beginning and after the end, the One Word is omnipresent,

Light of all lights, the One Word radiates brightly in the whitest of all whites,

Ever present and available within every beat of every heart, waiting to be seen, felt, touched and heard,

The One Word for the asking, fulfilling all with Love, Peace, Harmony and Joy,

Perpetually maintaining the connection between all beings, all life, the One Word unites everything,

Known by all and understood in all cultures and by every being,

While the One Word from within TETIE, is every-thing, has no name, can not be seen, written or spoken in any language,

Is felt, touched and heard,

You Already know, perceive, understand, comprehend, and Grok, from Deep Within,

the One Word…

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Photography by:
Dr. Robin L. Futoran

Healing Mankind Project