We humans are always trying to avoid disorder, while a “disorder-free life” is an oxymoron. An impossibility!

What we call “chaos” is as natural a part of nature as is “harmony.” The Yin and Yang… Waves washing up the sand and retreating back to their ocean universe over and over again while changing the shoreline and the ocean with each sweep.

Kobe Bryant ruptures an Achilles tendon at a crucial time in the season, an unfair judgement is given the Zimmeran trial, a loved one dies seemingly before their time, military regimes are launching deadly coups on their governments, civil rights are being violated, and when we least expect it, some life struggle erupts in our path we think shouldn’t be there.

It’s okay! Accept and Love the Disorder in Your Life!

The challenges that arise in our paths are supposed to be there, otherwise they wouldn’t be. Being challenged is part of a life experience! It is a blessing that we have the opportunity for an infinite number experiences and if experiences were always the same, the universe would not be the, diverse, spontaneously expansive, creative evolution that it is. Without the chaos/order balance, life would stagnate and die.

From a sprout of grass struggling to breach the soil surface, the explosive cresting of a tsunami, or maybe one’s entire life seeming to go awry, and even on a grandest scale, “A Big Bang;”

Disorder, chaos and unpredictability are essential evolutionary components to birth, rebirth, growth, expansion, advancement and re-creation of everything in nature. Always!

Chaos and Harmony are cyclic. We can chose for either of them to be easy or difficult, frequent or occasional. We can live and take action in chaos and harmony with low vibration or high vibration. There are always choices in the way we respond and live in either state!

What chaos stands before you in this very moment? It is a calling for you to step up and be your greater self. To take the action that is completely aligned with “The Energy That Is Everything,” with the source of who you are.

What is the next giant evolutionary step from chaos to order that you are willing to take in your expansive, creative or re-creative path radiating from deep within your truth, that you know will result in the grandest and most beautiful orderly outcome?