Purposefully in a Qigong walk, the trail winding through trees and terrain,

Hillside rising rapidly, Breaking into a run, dust kicking from my boots,

A slight lean forward downshifting, increasing rapidity of my steps,

The earth bursting with smiles at each impact, feeling one with the earth,

Universal consciousness, The Energy That Is Everything, streaming in through every pore, funneling out the soles of my feet spreading wide across the earth’s crust and deep to it’s core,

Feeling one with the earth, one with the breeze flowing over my skin, one with the heavens and the sun warming my spirit,

One with the trees, the branches and leaves;

I am the falcon soaring above and the crow hunched on a low branch, one with the squirrel dancing through the leaves, the deer bounding through the air, and snake slithering concealed by the bushes, one with the rattle and the rock, the dust and the rabbit skittering across the path;

Each breath’s dynamic vibration expanding quickly and deeply into the alveolar recesses then spontaneously swelling beyond the limits of lungs, beyond the shell of my body offering in return, an enriched vibrant surge of Qi into the cosmos,

Encircling the fire pit drums pounding, whirling dancers entranced in the ethers, rhythmic chanting drowning disharmony, expanding beyond physical,

Om Rithnam Namah; I am aligned with and supported by Cosmic Law,

I am a ray of cosmic law, an extension of the divine, I AM;

Almost to the top;

Om Rithnam Namah, Om Rithnam Namah, Om Rithnam Namah,

I taste the sunshine, I am the rays of the sun and light of the moon,

I am the hill, the sound of the leaves, chirps of the birds, the ocean washing the shores and clouds painting the skies,

Every cell of my body inhaling and exhaling, neurotransmitters bursting across the billions of synapses, muscle fibers excitedly propelling every bone and joint in perfect harmony, a grand complex choreographed biochemical, neurophysiological jig,

The Qi gently lifting my body up the final incline,

Reaching the summit with a last deep breath,

A long slow exhalation,

My being buzzing in high frequency vibratory joy;

One with the summit,

One with the ONE,

Qigong walking down the hill in blissful harmony… flowing freely and easily in
Nature’s rhythm, breathing the life’s bliss,

And preparing for the next hill,

Just a few thoughts and feelings in the process of loving a morning ritual…