Just because a majority of a population believes something, that doesn’t make it true for you or others. It is simply an idea that a group of people have agreed upon.

“Love is what we were born with. Fear is what we learned here.”
M. Williamson

We (I am) are so subconsciously programmed by our upbringing and environment throughout our lives, it is easy to see how we often believe some or all of those thoughts and feelings, and why we can behave in conforming and confirming ways to those beliefs even at times our higher consciousness is seeing better choices. What can be especially frustrating is when these thoughts, feelings and ideas are not real or true and we know they can be completely altered to what is true and aligned with our higher selves.

If 90% to 95% of the time we function, think and behave on auto-pilot as science tells us from our subconscious mind, then in reality most of our thoughts, actions and behaviors are not even our own. That means we are thinking, feeling and behaving like someone else and not being uniquely ourselves! These are conditioned thoughts and concepts about how we perceive ourselves and the world around us. These subconscious programs have grown out of what we absorbed when we were being raised, what we’ve read, heard in news media, social media, from employers, colleagues, family, friends and with only small personal modifications. Right up to this very moment.

We carry subconscious thoughts programmed from parents, family, friends, teachers, coaches and media, whether learned verbally, by example or as a result of our mis-directed perception of what was said or seen leading to issues of fear, doubt, worry, low self-esteem, unworthiness, feelings that we are “unable to do something,” feelings about money, relationships, achievements, goals and objectives, creativity… and on and on…

I do know that if you are reading this, if you’re a friend of mine, that you have been on a path of personal and probably spiritual growth. You know it is important to expand, utilize and move in every way possible to broaden your consciousness and be your most authentic, true self no matter what is happening, being said or promoted around you. Our goal is to be highly “conscious,” conscientious, and acting from our connection to and from within that energy of our origin rather than move unconsciously on auto-pilot within the mass sheeople movement of the planet.

Having confirmation that we have been and can be “programmed” to automatically think and behave in specific ways (like someone else), then we are also able to see that just like a computer our programming can be modified, altered and updated. . We no longer need to carry someone else’s untrue, ineffective stories and perspectives regarding who we are and what our life direction may be.

The good news about the programmable feature of our neuroanatomy is that it is re-writeable hardware…! That any thoughts we don’t like, we can choose to say “I don’t care for that thought, I’m going to choose something else…” and rewrite the program. As more aware, mature, conscious and conscientious beings we are able to create better, more authentic and truer inner programs. With repetition our subconscious programming can be more aligned with our inner truth rather than that of others.

We don’t have to buy into limiting, negative misguided programming we were raised on if it is not supportive, loving, caring, and inspiring us to be the best we can be. We don’t have to buy into the subconscious conditioning everyday by media, family, social media, work and friends. The choices are ours.

We don’t have to buy into the “Socially Induced Hallucination…”

We do have the ability to raise our consciousness, to reprogram our hardware in a way that is loving, supporting, inspiring, creative, and empowering.

The more we think, behave and move from a place of Awareness, Higher Consciousness (rather than subconscious auto-pilot), Conscientiousness, and Love; the more our subconscious auto-pilot function is reprogrammed and aligned with our authentic nature and who we are choosing to become…

Cheers for Spontaneous, Expansive, Creative Growth beyond the socially induced hallucination…


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Photography by:
Dr. Robin L. Futoran
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