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The Space Between Everything Is Zero…

ImageThe only reason the world seems more real when we’re awake than when we are dreaming is because that’s what we have all decided to agree upon…

The same can be said for Time and Space.

Recently talking to an IBST client in order to bring an understanding for one of the reasons why it is we are able to change our biochemistry creating healing in our body and minds, had me wanting to share the following:

Some of us understand that Dreams are more real than when we are awake, and that Time and Space are illusions.

While there are probably at least hundreds or thousands (even far more) of parallel dimensions, Quantum Science has finally come to the conclusion that there must be at least eleven dimensions for any explanation of the physical world as we know it.

Well that’s a start. They’ll catch up eventually…

And with the understanding of the multitude of dimensions, multiverses as they are often termed now;

The reality is that:

The Space Between Everything is Zero.

I have to say that again:

The Space Between Every-Thing is Zero..

The space between the past, the present, and future is Zero;

The space between you and I wherever you may be, between you and Albert Einstein, or Mother Theresa, or between the 3rd century BCE, now and the year 2050, is Zero.

Think about this for a moment:

We know that all physical matter, every object, every-thing visible or not, is made of the same molecules and atoms in varying densities.
Primarily carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, and phosphorus, with the addition of a few trace minerals including (not limited to) Copper, Zinc, Selenium, Molybdenum, Fluorine, Chlorine, Iodine, Manganese, Cobalt, and Iron to name a few.

Quantum science confirms (what philosopher/scientists figured out about 2500 years ago…), that all these molecules and atoms that compose every-thing from a rock to the air we breath, are simply microcosmic particles in constant motion;
AND, that there is more Empty Space within and between all these atoms and molecules than there is physical matter.

So then, what is the composition of all that vast space whether in outer space or within a single atom??

All together now: ENERGY of course!!

TETIE!! What ever you choose to call that energy that is the source of manifesting everything physical…

In fact, when we break down those quantum particles (even beyond the gluons, leptons and hadrons that have been identified…), what are they composed of??

That’s right! Energy…!

No wonder Every-Thing, including you and I, and everyone on the planet and every other, are Always interconnected, always unified within the one celestial body of Energy…, even if only unconsciously…

Making the space between everything; Zero.

The space between what you want and even what you don’t want in life is zero.

You Choose…

Are you maintaining a practice of engaging those quantum particles and the energy that manifests them, in order to improve your health, enhancing your joy, being in service to your brethren, making the best, healthiest possible life choices and manifesting your greatest dreams and desires…?

I think I just put myself in the mood for a little meditation..!

I’ll See you in the celestial mix of universal consciousness…, R

Quality of the Relationship With Uncertainty..


(Secret be told; I have this taped on a bathroom mirror…!)

Here is what this means to me;

So often we delay doing something until we think we understand how it works, know what it will be like, how it will feel and in the end, the way it will all turn out. In doing that, we ponder, procrastinate, over think, over research, write, and never getting to the point of knowing what it is going to be like anyway. Well, it is impossible to “know what it’s going to be like!” And that’s because the only way to know what it is going to be like is:
“TO EXPERIENCE IT…” Take the Action! Even if we are not feeling completely prepared. The only way to know is to Have The Experience…

In order to experience being fully alive, we need to step out of our comfort zone, and participate in things we might fear just because we don’t know or can’t predict the outcome! In other words: The more often we are able to step out of our comfort zone the more Life we experience and greater our quality of life.

We are not supposed to know the outcome! Living life is not about knowing everything past, present or predicting the future! Life is about “experiences.” Then, it is through those experiences that “WE LIVE.” While we are within an experience or have a result from an experience the power (of “living”) continues through the choices we make as a result of that experience.

So rather than allowing results to become blocks, barriers or excuses to discontinue taking the necessary action toward our objective or desire, we use those results to continue moving forward with what is true for us whether the result was positive or negative. We Experience Living! Expand our consciousness.
We Experience Being Alive.

The other choice of not embracing uncertainty in life, is doing nothing, stagnation, a holding pattern, purgatory, and having no experiences. Being anchored in safe repetitive habits of body and mind and waiting-out this incarnation and maybe the next and the next one, and the next one, and having no life experiences… No negative life experience, no positive life experience, no moving towards a grand goal, no having the “experience” of working towards or reaching that big idea, that big dream you have been quietly observing inside yourself for how long?
No relationship with Uncertainty, no real life experiences, no true living, no quality of life…

Fully “Living” your life is about having “life experiences” where the outcome is unknown (the uncertainty) and then “living” and “growing” (not hiding or taking any fearful or limiting message) from the result and taking the next action again within “uncertainty…” This way we are “living a life path of experiences” rather than hiding within a comfortable routine or endlessly “preparing ourselves” and having very small or limited life experiences or no life experience at all…

At the end of the day or end of a life we don’t want to be looking back and saying “I’m sorry I didn’t take the bull by the horns and…., or I wish I would have…”

As Wayne Dyer says “Don’t die with your music still in you…”

What are you waiting to do in order to live a quality life through some uncertainty, of spontaneous, expansive experiences? Because if you are waiting, you’re probably not living…!

It’s time to take that action! Embrace Uncertainty! Enhance the Quality of Living Life!

“Life loves to be taken by the lapel and told: ‘I’m with you kid. Let’s go.'”
Maya Angelou

Life is For Living…. R

Complimentary IBST…

In an effort to continue being in service and as part of the Healing Mankind Project mission, I will be sharing complimentary Integrated Bio-Stimulus Technique (IBST) healing sessions with two people each week. These sessions will take place remotely via Skype or by telephone.

To be considered for complimentary sessions, read the description of IBST under the heading “General Information” on the Healing Mankind Facebook page in the “About” tab, then send an email ( or message describing what you would like to address with IBST. Information and associated forms will be forwarded to you. Once those forms have been completed and returned you will be considered for the complimentary sessions.

Participants will be considered based on condition, need, current treatment and history of treatment.

If you have previously been treated by me with IBST, are a current client or previous patient from my professional practice, you may be placed on a low priority list to increase opportunities for people based on seriousness of condition, low income and others in need of assistance.

I look forward to working with some of your greatest or smallest life challenges…

For more information on IBST or SBR go to: