In an effort to continue being in service and as part of the Healing Mankind Project mission, I will be sharing complimentary Integrated Bio-Stimulus Technique (IBST) healing sessions with two people each week. These sessions will take place remotely via Skype or by telephone.

To be considered for complimentary sessions, read the description of IBST under the heading “General Information” on the Healing Mankind Facebook page in the “About” tab, then send an email ( or message describing what you would like to address with IBST. Information and associated forms will be forwarded to you. Once those forms have been completed and returned you will be considered for the complimentary sessions.

Participants will be considered based on condition, need, current treatment and history of treatment.

If you have previously been treated by me with IBST, are a current client or previous patient from my professional practice, you may be placed on a low priority list to increase opportunities for people based on seriousness of condition, low income and others in need of assistance.

I look forward to working with some of your greatest or smallest life challenges…

For more information on IBST or SBR go to: