Image“Each morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most.”

Living Is In The Doing

An artist is spontaneously, creatively and expansively living their larger self when practicing, performing, placing every effort, every ounce of their being, investing the deepest part of their heart and soul deeply into their art. Moved naturally from the inner self. Moved spontaneously from their connection to and from within the source of all energy driving their passion.

Creatively painting, cutting, pasting, carving, assembling, dancing, performing, their authentic nature, their authentic self, infusing with the spirit of living.

When an artist is doing what they love and are driven to do, they are experiencing life! Who they are is alive and living the joy, the freedom and feeling of being alive…

When the painting is finished, when the performance is completed; For the artist, the “living life” is gone from the work. The experience of life’s beautifully creative, expansive forces vanish.

Reaching a single life moment, a single goal or objective will not fulfill one’s soul…

Spectators reveal in the piece, seeing and feeling the vibrant complex life energy of the work, living memories etched in their consciousness of the performance.

But every creator becomes detached once the work is completed. 

Artists don’t collect their own work… Their life and their life experience was in the “doing” of their last work.

To live again, they must create again. 

Living is in the doing…

Living may be painting, a performance, developing a business, writing a book, raising children, teaching a class, baking a cake, making a movie, healing a patient, developing a new idea, meditating, working a daily job, going to school, standing on a soapbox, helping others, working a legal case, running an office, caring for family, building a sand castle, climbing a mountain, reading a book, building a house, protesting for positive world change, singing, cooking the best possible meal, being in conversation, traveling, volunteering, reading to child….,

Living is in the doing.

What will you be doing today?

“Each morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most.” Buddah

Live Life’s Joy…