ImageAs I sometimes do, rather than listen to a spiritual or inspirational book while on my morning hike/run up the hill, I chose to chant a mantra to myself…

A recent morning I chose:
Love, Forgiveness, and Compassion (for every one and every thing).

So feeling all spiritual, focused and centered, I started my run up the first hill of the trail, breathing and chanting to myself “Love, Forgiveness, Compassion.”

The first person I see that morning is a man coming down the trail from a bit of a distance. I continue my run and my chant and by the time we are approaching each other I’m huffing, puffing and beginning to sweat.

As trail etiquette has it everyone knows (or in my limited I think everyone knows:-), on a narrow trail, the person moving up a hill or carrying the heaviest load is offered the right of way.

Now just as I reach this first person on the trail I realize he is taking up the entire narrow path and makes no attempt to share the trail!

But wait! I’m thinking, I’m the one going up hill, running, huffing and puffing… I should be given the right of way…(clearly some very human ego issue going on here..:-)

Instead I have to mildly contort my body and break the momentum of my run..

So now as I have just passed him, I’m having a few unkind words in my head about that unconscientious **, lacking trail etiquette! What kind of guy does that?

I instantly realize that just a few seconds before I crossed this man’s path, I was chanting Love, Forgiveness, and Compassion…!

I clearly had no idea who he is, what he might have going on inside his head, what he knows or doesn’t know about trail etiquette. He was just a guy out on an early morning hike like me!

Love, Forgiveness, Compassion.

Resuming my mantra, I was uncontrollably laughing to myself and didn’t stop for rest of the hike or for the rest of the day..

Sending him (and myself) Love, Forgiveness, and Compassion, If I could have I would have gone back and given him a hug!

Raising My Consciousness One Thought At A Time…