ImageWhen We Stop Opposing Or Denying Reality For The Of The Way Things Are In This Moment:

We Free Ourselves From Being Slaves Of Fears For What Is Possible In Our Life.

We Free Ourselves From Staying Stuck Within Indecision, From Redundant, Restrictive Thought Patterns, Narrow Focus and Immobility.

We Remove The Blinders,

When We Stop Opposing The Reality of This Moment,

We Are Then Reborn Into Limitless Possibilities,
Reborn Into Expanding Our Consciousness And Creating New Unrestrained Out-Of-The-Box Realities.

The truth In This Moment, Of Who We Are Being, What We Are Doing Or Not Doing, Can Once Again, Wipe The Slate Clean For Continued Spiritual, Physical and Emotional Growth.

Absolute From The Basement, Gritty, Raw Truth Of Who And Where We Are In This Moment,

Is A Jumping Off Point For Renewed Personal Expansion.

In Our Relationships, In Our Work, With Money, In Creativity, In Leisure, In Recreation, In Our Eating Habits, With Exercising,

Raise The Bar Of Authenticity, Courage and Fearlessness For Your Truth Of The Moment.

Break The Door Down, Free The Inner Slave of Limitations,

Share With That One Close Friend, With Absoluteness, Where You Are and Who You Are Being In This Moment,
Allowing You To Clearly And Truly Hear Yourself, Feel and Be In The Moment,

And If The Reality Of This Moment Is Out Of Alignment With Your Authentic Truth, Your Personal Spiritual, Emotional and Physical Path And Dreams,

Then Tell That Friend The Limitless, Unbounded Reality Of Who You Are Truly Being, Who You Are Becoming And Without Limits, Pulling Out All The Stops,

What You Are Creating In Your Life From This Moment Forward…

And Live In Action From That Authentic, Expansive, Unbounded, and Limitless Reality..

Life Is For Living… R