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A Day Of Healing, Mindfulness and Achieving Bliss…

Join Me!
January 24, 2015 – Los Angeles

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Bio-Cognitive Healing Retreat…!

Lights Of Human Mind“Treat” Yourself To A Healing And Blissful Retreat

A Full Day Of Healing, Mindfulness, Blissful Breathing, and More…

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Join Me January 24th, 2015 for a:




Achieving Your Inner Bliss Through Breath Empowerment

And Qigong

Saturday January 24, 2015 8:30am – 4:00pm

Sooky Goldman Nature Center Auditorium
2600 Franklin Canyon Drive
Beverly Hills, California 90210
Franklin Canyon

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Space is Limited

Did You Ever Wonder;

Why it is that two people with the same condition who undergo the same treatment don’t respond in the same manner?
One person may get better while the other does not.

Why is it that scores and scores of people with the same illness;
Can respond and heal from a dozen or more different healthcare modalities ranging from medicine and surgeries to having crystals waved over their bodies?

Join This Full Day Of New Perspectives in Healing Yourself and Others,
Along With Blissful Breathing Practices, and More…

In the Beautiful Surroundings of Franklin Canyon.

The Day Will Include:

– Expansion of Your Understanding for How Our Bodies Heal or Do Not Heal.
What is The Underlying Nature of Healing?
Learn The Five Essential Components For Any Healing To Take
Better Understand The Reason Some People May Not Heal.
Find Out The Key Link That All Forms Of Healing Have In
– Learn Bio-Cognitive Healing;
Based on the Premise that “Thoughts Change Biochemistry.”
– Be Guided Through A Blissful Breath Empowerment Exercise.
– An Introduction To Level I Qigong Healing Form (If time allows).
– Group Healings Utilizing The Bio-Cognitive Healing Practice.
– Learn A Daily Self-Healing Meditation Practice.
– Enhance Your Present Healing Practice.
– Leave In A State of Love, Peace, Harmony, And Joy

Space Is Limited

Sooky Goldman Nature Center Auditorium
2600 Franklin Canyon Drive
Beverly Hills, California 90210
Franklin Canyon

Early Registration; Before December 20th: $99.00

Registration After December 20th: $129.00

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Life Is For Living!

It’s Never Too Late To Have A Happy Childhood…

Prague11.11_2559“Life Is A Battle…”

Or maybe;

“Life Is Peaches and Cream…”

What Perspective Do You Place On Your Life Experience?

No Matter Where You Think Your Life Perspective Arose From; Maybe,
The way you were raised.
A Relationship.
A Life Event.
Where You Lived.

We All Come Into This World As Loving Divine Beings.

Some Of Us Chose And Locked In A Life View; Expansive or Repressive.

But, It Is Never About What Happened.

It’s Not About An Event!

It Is Always About What We Do With It.

The Choice Is Ours.
How We Choose To See Our Life Experience,
And From Where We Choose To Live From.

Today’s Affirmation:

“I Am The Creator Of My Life Experience.

Each Day I Choose To Rise To A Clean Slate Of Potential and Possibility.

To Live This New Day Committed To My Journey, Creatively, Courageously, Progressively and With Spontaneity, Reinventing Myself Yet Again.

I Am Thankful For What Lies Ahead.”

Life Is A Dance,

Life Is Sacred,

Life Is A Gift.

Spiritual Thought…!

SRCatFalls04c_HDRSpirituality Thought for Today;

Spirituality is not about where you pray or who you pray to.
Those are only some of the vehicles for connecting with Spirit (TETIE).

It’s not about the words and phrases you use…
But rather the conscious, clear, connected, intention, feelings and knowingness within every cell of your body and fabric of your spirit,
behind those words or thoughts.

Spirituality isn’t about the mountain top where you live, who your guru is, what you wear or how you dance.
It’s not about how long you’ve studied, or what you eat.

Symbols, garb, rituals and tokens are not connections to the Oneness.
They are all simply tools for getting there.

It’s not about being a vegan, avoiding gluten or your 21 day cleanse.

There is no amount of symbols, things or actions that will make you Spiritual.

Spirituality is simply our ability to connect with and be the love and the oneness of everything that is.
And the results of being that Love and Oneness.

This is a favorite “tale of spirituality.” It’s short, simple…

Leo Tolstoy’s “The Three Hermits”
If you read it, come back and tell what you think of it…

‘Three are ye, three are we, have mercy upon us.’


Wishing you a spontaneous, expansive, creative and connected day….

I Am A Perfect Divine Creation….

Shota's Rose

Can you remember the moment you burst forth into this life adventure?

That first moment of opening your eyes to a new world again;
Before being inundated with the (necessary) protocol, lessons and rules life was about to present;

That moment of Still Knowing Yourself so purely;
As A Perfect New Embodiment Of Love, Harmony and Divinity.


Who we have come to believe we are;

That compilation of life lessons, perceptions, situations, labels, events, accumulations of matter, fixed thoughts and redundant ideas, behaviors, rules, judgments, that reflection in the mirror, all the automatic thought patterns that may or may not serve our best interest;

Are simply how we were being or behaving in a specific situation.
Accumulations of life moments now past, including what we were doing just a few minutes ago;

It is not Who We Are.

Who We Are is so much more than the image we have formed of ourselves and project into the world, or what we think is perceived by others.

The good news is;

Who We Are, who we have always been and will continued to be;

Remains that same Embodiment of Perfect Divine Creations.

When we bring ourselves back to remembering who we really are;

We treat ourselves as Cherished Loved Ones;

With Kindness, Compassion, Honesty, Trust and Love.

Give Yourself Some Love Today!

The Day’s Affirmation:

I release all the layers of who I think I am,
I open myself to all my divinity and creativity,
I open myself to my greatest potential.
I live and act from my true beauty and divine essence.

Namaste Lovely Beings…