Shota's Rose

Can you remember the moment you burst forth into this life adventure?

That first moment of opening your eyes to a new world again;
Before being inundated with the (necessary) protocol, lessons and rules life was about to present;

That moment of Still Knowing Yourself so purely;
As A Perfect New Embodiment Of Love, Harmony and Divinity.


Who we have come to believe we are;

That compilation of life lessons, perceptions, situations, labels, events, accumulations of matter, fixed thoughts and redundant ideas, behaviors, rules, judgments, that reflection in the mirror, all the automatic thought patterns that may or may not serve our best interest;

Are simply how we were being or behaving in a specific situation.
Accumulations of life moments now past, including what we were doing just a few minutes ago;

It is not Who We Are.

Who We Are is so much more than the image we have formed of ourselves and project into the world, or what we think is perceived by others.

The good news is;

Who We Are, who we have always been and will continued to be;

Remains that same Embodiment of Perfect Divine Creations.

When we bring ourselves back to remembering who we really are;

We treat ourselves as Cherished Loved Ones;

With Kindness, Compassion, Honesty, Trust and Love.

Give Yourself Some Love Today!

The Day’s Affirmation:

I release all the layers of who I think I am,
I open myself to all my divinity and creativity,
I open myself to my greatest potential.
I live and act from my true beauty and divine essence.

Namaste Lovely Beings…