SRCatFalls04c_HDRSpirituality Thought for Today;

Spirituality is not about where you pray or who you pray to.
Those are only some of the vehicles for connecting with Spirit (TETIE).

It’s not about the words and phrases you use…
But rather the conscious, clear, connected, intention, feelings and knowingness within every cell of your body and fabric of your spirit,
behind those words or thoughts.

Spirituality isn’t about the mountain top where you live, who your guru is, what you wear or how you dance.
It’s not about how long you’ve studied, or what you eat.

Symbols, garb, rituals and tokens are not connections to the Oneness.
They are all simply tools for getting there.

It’s not about being a vegan, avoiding gluten or your 21 day cleanse.

There is no amount of symbols, things or actions that will make you Spiritual.

Spirituality is simply our ability to connect with and be the love and the oneness of everything that is.
And the results of being that Love and Oneness.

This is a favorite “tale of spirituality.” It’s short, simple…

Leo Tolstoy’s “The Three Hermits”
If you read it, come back and tell what you think of it…

‘Three are ye, three are we, have mercy upon us.’


Wishing you a spontaneous, expansive, creative and connected day….