Prague11.11_2559“Life Is A Battle…”

Or maybe;

“Life Is Peaches and Cream…”

What Perspective Do You Place On Your Life Experience?

No Matter Where You Think Your Life Perspective Arose From; Maybe,
The way you were raised.
A Relationship.
A Life Event.
Where You Lived.

We All Come Into This World As Loving Divine Beings.

Some Of Us Chose And Locked In A Life View; Expansive or Repressive.

But, It Is Never About What Happened.

It’s Not About An Event!

It Is Always About What We Do With It.

The Choice Is Ours.
How We Choose To See Our Life Experience,
And From Where We Choose To Live From.

Today’s Affirmation:

“I Am The Creator Of My Life Experience.

Each Day I Choose To Rise To A Clean Slate Of Potential and Possibility.

To Live This New Day Committed To My Journey, Creatively, Courageously, Progressively and With Spontaneity, Reinventing Myself Yet Again.

I Am Thankful For What Lies Ahead.”

Life Is A Dance,

Life Is Sacred,

Life Is A Gift.