Ireland03.13_12766aNewGrange.jpeg_TMWhile The Most Powerful of Cosmic Energy,

Before The Beginning Of Time or Space,
Ever Present,

Lingering, Streaming and Bursting Through the Ethers,
Universally Tethered To Everyone and Every-Thing,

They Can’t Be Seen and Nor Can They Be Touched,

But The Energy Of Our Thoughts,

Rule The World.
The Energy Of Thought;

Rules Everything.

Thoughts Determine;
When you will get out of bed,
What you’re going to wear,
What you’ll do today,
What you will eat,
How you treat people,
The manner in which you are going to Work today,
What you might contribute to the world, or not,
If you are going to Feel Angry, Hurt or Resentful!
If you are going to Feel Happy, Blissful and Joyful!

Thoughts Determine how you will raise your kids today.!
Whether you will make War or Peace,
If you will be expansively Creative and Productive.
Or if you will sit and stare at a wall, a phone or a computer screen.
If you might take a risk, or play it safe,
If you’ll be Mean or Kind,
If you’ll be serious or playful,

Thoughts Cause Pain,

And Thoughts Heal,

Thoughts Determine if Someone Lives or Dies,

Thoughts Determine Every Feeling You Will Ever Enjoy,
Or Not,

Thoughts Determine If You Are Moving In A Direction Of Health,
Or If You Are Moving In A Direction Of Illness.

The Energy of Thoughts Rule The World,

Thoughts Rule Everything.