Ireland03.13_12695abwTrim_TMEver Feel Like An “AUTOMATON..?”

Robot, Android, Mechanical Man, Humanoid, Puppet, Zombie; Sheeple,

How often do you act
“The Way You Think You Are Supposed To Act?”

Or The Way
“You Think “Others Would Want Or Expect You To Act and Be?”

Agreeing or Disagreeing To “Fit In,” or Be Liked, Or To Get Something;

Conforming, Acting on Auto-pilot, Unconsciously Behaving As “Usual,” As Expected, …

Rather than be an “Automaton,” On Auto-Pilot…

Keep The Switch On “Manual Mode..”

Crank Up Your Higher Conscious Awareness of Self;

Live In The Power Of Your Authentic Nature,

Living From That Deepest Place Of Connection Within The Energy That Is Everything,

Is To Be Free;

Is To Live Spontaneously, Creatively, Expansively and Uniquely Yourself…