PanamaCanal12.13_9847aPuntarenas“Time Flies When You’re Having Fun….!

Across Species;

“Fun and Playfulness:”

Makes Us More Adaptable.
Being More Adaptable Increases Success in Sociality and Business.
It Helps Us To Break Away From Established, Redundant Thoughts and Behaviors.
To Expand and Increase Our Creativity in Science, Art, Music and Business.
Fun and Playfulness Varies by and within Families, Cultures and Regions.
This article differentiates having “pleasure” from “being playful and having fun.”
There are many ways to “have pleasure” which may not be described as being playful and fun.
Enjoying a fine meal, a movie, listening to music or viewing a beautiful painting is by all means pleasurable but not necessarily “Fun and Playful.”
Playing Peak-a-Boo, Is Fun and Playful.
A New Scientific Discovery In The Laboratory, Can Be “Fun.”
We Learn and Discover Our Context Of “Funny and Playfulness” By Observation and Interaction as an Infant.
No Wonder Our “Sense of Humor” Varies Between Individuals.
But We Are Adaptable and Can Modify Our Ability, Participation and Sense Of Playfulness!
Fun And Playfulness is Cerebral, Physical and Emotional!
Get Your “Funny And Playfulness” On….