MedCruise11.14_20401Inherited Conditions Or Traits Do Not Necessarily Have To Express Themselves In The Manner Originally Coded…

EPIGENETICS: The Study Of The Ways Our Genetic Sequencing Is Effected By Forces On The Outside.
Outside Forces = Food, Water, Air, Energy, THOUGHTS….

What Ever Might Be Present In Our Genetic Coding At Birth;
Doesn’t Mean It Will Or Need Be Expressed.

There are more than 35,000 possible variations in the expression of every gene!
That’s a lot of possibilities!!

There are Millions of “single nucleotide” (components of genes / DNA) variants which are constantly repairing mutations.
There’s an army in our body constantly at work to create the best possible health for you in every single cell.

So The Better We Treat Our Body and Minds, The Greater the Tools They Have to Work With;

For the Best Possible Body Mind Ally Be Highly Conscious of Aligning:
The Foods You Eat,
The Water You Drink (avoid plastic…)
The Activity You Participate In (exercise…)
The People You Hang Out With,
And; The Thoughts You Have..

Live Big, Live Healthy…