IreDunluceCastle_3722a_TMIf you believe in total accountability;

In other words,

If you realize that you create every person, each event and every situation in your life; That all that you attract to you has importance, meaning and purpose;

Then this note is just a reminder, that you “Didn’t” create that person, event or situation To:

To Feel Bad or Sad,
To Feel Defeated,
To Feel Unworthy,
To Feel Fear or Doubt,
To Give Up,

To Find Fault in Someone,
To Be Controlling, Manipulative, Mean or Cause Harm,
To Be Angry or Resentful Toward a Person…

If you “are” having any of those thoughts or feelings;

I promise you, that you have the option of re-evaluating the situation, person, thoughts and feelings;
You have the ability find a greater inner truth,

To alter your perception,
To Feel Free,
To Feel Good,
To gain Insight that will free you;
To Have an Understanding that Opens Your Heart, That Opens Your Eyes To New Possibilities and New Opportunities…
But “Definitely,” I Know that you didn’t create anything in your life to have those Other Thoughts and Feelings…

You Get To Choose….

Life Is For Living;
Freely, Expansively, Creatively, Fully, and Joyfully…