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MedCruise11.14_19885BarcelonaWhat Is The Problem With The Problem???


We Are Better To Love Our Life Challenges…


A Problem, A Challenge Is A Gift For A Growth and Learning Experience.
They Are Opportunities For Becoming Our Expanding, Evolving Self!


Managing Problems And Challenges Are Growth Opportunities That;
Living Is All About..!
They Are How We Keep Growing Into Our Next Best Self.


Problems and Challenges Are The Only Way We Grow and Expand To
A Next New Level Of Being.


Think About It; Say in Science:
The Only Way To Learn and Discover Is To Begin With a Challenge.
There Needs To Be A Problem To Solve.
So We “Make Up A Problem.”


Then In Solving The Problem, Taking Up The Challenge and Doing The Work;
We Learn New Things.
And Not Only About The Results Of The Experiment, The Problem,
But We Grow Into New Versions Of Ourselves.
We Find Ourselves Having Accomplished Tasks We Didn’t Know We Could Do.
And In The Process, We Expand and Advance The World Around Us.


In Life At Times, it may seem as though a problem or challenge Comes To Us, Rather than Having “Made It Up Ourselves.”
But, I Guarantee, We Can Always Find A Reason,
A Perk, A Positive Aspect For Having Every Life Challenge.
We Do Create Them.
All of Them.


And, There Is Always A Solution Greater Than The Problem…


A Soul-ution..;
A Soul-ution From Our Connection To TETIE, To The Source of All Things;
A Soul-ution From Our Authentic Self;


So, If There Are No Problems, No Challenges;
Then There Is No Learning, No Growth, And No Progress…
We Stay Stuck Just Where We Are.
Stuck in a Small Space with this Thin Illusion of Security that is Not Fully Living,


Life’s Challenges and Problems Are Gifts!
Gifts of Learning and Gifts of Growth.


There Is Always A Soul-ution That Is Greater Than The Problem…


Embrace Your Life Challenges,
Bask In Who You Become In The Process And On The Other Side…


Life Is For Living…

Chaos to Order…

Appreciate Chaos,
Welcome Discord,
Have Awareness Of “Perceived” Failure,
Embrace Heartbreak,
Love Disorder,
Value Disappointment;
They Are All Turning Points FOR NEW ORDER, AND NEW CREATION.
Just As We Know That The Darkest, Most Brutal, Seemingly Endless, Freezing Storms,
Will Eventually Clear To Warm, Blue, Sunny Skies;
So It Is That,Chaos Will Always Breed Order,
Discord Is Will Be The Launch Pad For Harmony,
Failure An Indicator, “A Tool” Used To Reformat Your Work Building Success,
Heartbreak A Turning Point For Greater Love,
And Disappointment A Gateway To Joy,
And In The Process Of These Situations and Events, We Take;
Our Ability To Respond.
We Always Have A Choice In Our PERCEPTION And Our RESPONSE.
Choose The Next Healthy, Right Response, Take The Next Right (for you) Action.
Choose The Next Healthy, Right Response, Take The Next Right (for you) Action.
Cross That Next Bridge, Go Through The Next Door, In Perception and Action.
Even In The Face Of Fear, Doubt Or Discord…
Take An Active Role In Moving From Chaos To Order!
So As Soon As You Finish Reading This,
Take One Expansive, Creative, Positive Action You Know You Can Do Now;
        That Will Build Love, Order, Harmony, A Dream Or Joy!
        You Know Which One I’m Talking About…
Go On Now!
Life Is For Living…