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It Is Already Done..

HanaA1.8.16Thought is a force even as electricity or gravitation. The human mind is a spark of the almighty consciousness, of God. Whatever you believe intensely will instantly come to pass. Sri Yukteswar


Today I Consciously, Vibrantly, Visualize, See And Think With Great Intensity and Focus, Specifically How This Day Will Unfold, What It Is I Will Manifest This Today; And How The Grand Long Term Outcome In My Life Will Unfold…


Oh, And of Course, I’ll Be Taking Big Action On Those Grand Thoughts…


Think Big, Think Clear, Take Action; Manifest Your Dreams…


BOTGD8.08714.11_1250Love This From Kia Miller:




Observe the Yogic principle of AHIMSA (non-harming) at the level of thought, speech and action.


Thoughts: Reflect on how “violence” is not just a physical act. We can be violent with our thoughts and words as well as actions. Many of us operate with a flow of negative thoughts but don’t notice it. This drains us of our energy whether we are thinking negatively about ourself or someone else. It is therefore an action of self harm to continue in negative thinking. We have a choice: first we must notice that we are doing it, then shift our thinking to the positive.
Some of the last words from a friend of mine who recently passed away “no matter what the challenge in life, keep it positive.”


Working to understand the source of our negativity will help us to release it. Sometimes we may realize that there was no legitimate reason for the negativity other than the habit of being caught in a negative rut.


Do not wish harm on anyone – this is Ahimsa of thought
Do not speak harshly of anyone – this is Ahimsa of speech
Do not obstruct anyone’s work – this is Ahimsa of action
If a man/woman speaks ill of you, forgive him/her…
Help the suffering even at the cost of your own comfort.
– Guru Nanak


Practice: Sit in Meditation for 10 minutes simply following your breath (you can do the SO HUM meditation below). Watch your thoughts come and go. Become aware of any negative thoughts toward yourself and others. Do not judge yourself for having these thoughts. Simply observe and release them. As you continue with your day, be aware of the principle of AHIMSA. Bring this principle of non-harming into your thinking, your relationships and at least one conversation today.
Kia Miller