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Living Your Inner Truth


When You Trust What You Know, As Much Or Greater Than


You Have Trusted All That You Have Learned And Been Told By Others,


Then, You Are Living Your Authentic Truth.

Satyam Ritam

PanamaCanal12.13_10444abwbAntigua_TMToday’s Mantra: Satyam Ritam


Satyam; Truth
Ritam: The Flow Of The Universe


Tuning-Inward To Universal Intelligence; To The Energy That Is Everything;


Being One With The True Reality of Where We Live,
And As Unique Extensions Of That Energy;


Within That Place Where We Are Never Born And Never Die,


I Recognize My Own Infinity,


I Know Your Own Infinity;

And Know That At Our Core;
Each of us is whole,
Each of us is one,
Each of us is divine,


And From Here:
I Act From Love,
I Act From Knowing,
I Act In Service,


And honor the one divine light in you;
That is also in me;