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Illusion Of The Comfort Zone

Ireland03.13_14191aDublin_TM“This place is a dream. Only a sleeper considers it real. Then death comes like dawn, and you wake up laughing at what you thought was your grief.”



Leaping Into Uncharted Territory Step by Step, Day by Day;


Out Of The Comfort Zone, Taking Blind Faith Actions;


Invigorated; Feeling Alive, Expansive, Inspired and Motivated,


And Wishing You The Same…


Because This Is Only A Dream..

BPA Free Doesn’t Mean Safe…!

Avoid Plastic Water Bottles…!!

BPA Free Doesn’t Mean Safe:

Another Study Showing BPA Free Plastic (BPS) Has Similar “Hormone Altering Effects” of BPA Plastic,

That BPS Additionally Forms Fat Cells In Tissues, Blood and Body..
These Chemicals From Plastic Disrupt the Hormones That Regulate metabolism, respiration, heart rate and other bodily functions.
Stop Drinking Out Of Plastic and
Pass The Word Along…


MedCruise11.14_20083BarcelonaInspired In Creativity Through Staying Connected To My Intuitive, Non-Linear Thinking Mind More Than My Logical Mind…

Within The Silence Of Our Minds,

As Loud As We Are Willing To Listen;

Is That Knowledge Base Offering Us The Wisdom Of The Universe!

Are You Listening…?

Every Thing We Do….


With Every Action We Take,


With Every Word We Speak,


Consciously or Unconsciously;


In Conversation, Being Creative, Strolling In Nature, Cooking a Meal, Dancing or Singing, Sprinting or Meditating, Being an Adventurer or Quietly Meditating, Working Our Best, Caring for Children, Improving Our Skills, Climbing a Mountain, in Anger or Kindness, Joy and Grief, Guilt and Freedom, In War and Peace;


We Are Either;


Expressing Or Asking For Love…


Loving and Being Loved, Is Our True Nature