There is not an experience that goes down in your life that doesn’t have the potential to help liberate you. It is so perfectly designed and there is not irrelevancy in the system. -Ram Dass


Everything You Have Chosen Up To This Point In Time Was Perfect. You Are Exactly Where You’re Supposed To Be Right Now.. Everything You Have Done Has Offered Expansion, Growth, Lessons, And Adventure, Enjoying Every Possible Emotion And Feeling.


We Always Have A Choice In How We Are Going To Think And Feel.


Today; Choose Something Big! Don’t Hold Back. Do Something You have Been Putting Off, An Action You Have Really Been Wanting To Do, The One You Thought Passed You By; The One That Will Create Expansion In Your Universe, Something Out Of The Box, The One You “Think” You’re Afraid To Do…!


Express Yourself Through One Big Action Today..