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2 Hour CEU Professional Program…

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San Francisco, North Bay, Sonoma County Colleagues…!


Join me tomorrow night for dinner and CEUs…


“Bridging the Gap Between Science, Healing , and Patient Outcomes..”

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Billions Of Times A Day…

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Billions of Times A Day All Over The Planet, People At Times, Heal Themselves and Others; ACCIDENTALLY…. There Are Times When You Have Healed Yourself And Others, Accidentally…
The “BioCognitive Healing Retreat” Is Designed To Consciously, Intentionally and Purposefully Compound and Enhance The Ability To Healing Yourself And Others..
A Full Day Of Healing, Mindfulness, and Achieving Your Bliss…
Don’t Wait! Register Here For July 30, 2016
At Healing In America In Ojai!
And 8 Hours Of CEUs for D.C.s In California!

Bridging The Gap Between Science, Healing and Patient Outcomes…

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2 Hours of CEUs For My North Bay Professional Colleagues and Friends…
Mark your calendar July 29th, 7:00 pm…:


An Introduction To BioCognitive Healing…

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Join Me July 26th, 2016 In Ojai, California For An Introduction To BioCognitive Healing. It Will Include A Guided Visual Adventure….

At Healing In America..

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Channeling My Inner Einstein today..!

“Many of the things you can count, don’t count.
Many of the things you can’t count, really count.”
~ Albert Einstein
In other words, just because an idea (theory, study) has gained some form of measurability,
Does not mean it is the definitive end all, or maybe even that it counts for little;
While on the other hand, just because science is lacking the foresight or equipment with the ability to measure something; doesn’t mean it is not real or of immeasurable value…
Just a reminder…