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Time is running out to;
Join me in Ojai, California July 30th for the BioCognitive Healing Retreat!
A Full Day Of Healing, Mindfulness and Achieving Your Bliss…
We will be reformatting limitations, blocks, barriers and obstacles to healing while expanding our “Healing Consciousness,” understanding greater possibilities for healing.
Learn “The Five Essential Components For Healing.”
Why is it that not everyone with the same condition heal from the same treatment?
Experience a powerful breath empowerment practice;
“Blissful Breath Empowerment” that besides healing will inspire you to take powerful life actions creating your greatest desires while supercharging you with happiness and joy!
We will experience and Introduction to Qigong Level I Healing Form with Tommy Dale the bright, skilled Qigong Instructor and Herbal food expert…
Learn BioCognitive Healing, A Daily Healing Meditation and Build Your Personal Meditation Workshop…!
Bring family and friends for an unforgettable day…!
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Revitalize Your Life…!

3D medical background with a male figure with brain and virus ce

Revitalize Your Life!


With “The Bio-Cognitive Healing Retreat”


July 30th In Ojai, California!


Supercharge Your Evolution In Healing;

Experience All The Powerful Blissful Breath Empowerment;

Learn “The Five Essential Components For Healing” Of Any Condition, From Any Treatment;

Experience An Introduction to Qigong Healing Form With Highly Skilled Qigong Instructor and Food Healer Thomas Dale, Also Known As Herbal Thom;

Journey Through Guided Visual Adventures In Healing, Consciousness Expansion, And The Nature of Reality;

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Love Is The Whole Thing…

“Love Is The Whole Thing;
We Are Only Pieces..” Rumi



Joy Love, Discord Love,
Sorrowful Love, Blissful Love,
Confused Love, Doing Our Best Love,
Passionate Love, Kindest Love,
Tolerant Love, Contributing Love,
Prickly Love, Sweet Love,
Forever Love, In Error Love,
Caring Love, Expansive Love,
For The Children Love,
Because We Are The Children Love,



Healing The World Love,
The Best We Can Be Love;

Let’s Live In Our Ruminess Today;
Everyday As Whole Pieces Of Lovingness….


Making Love And Peace, Not….

Sweet child girl looking at red balloons. Balloons in shape of h

Homeostasis = Balance = Health

High Resonance Healing Words



Balance in Life, Balance In Our Body, Balance In The Mind, Heart And Spirit;
Balance In Every Organ System, Every Organ And Every Vibrantly Vibrating Cell;


The Body Is Constantly Moving Away From Optimal Health.
Over Functioning Or Under Functioning.


Hundreds Of Trillions Of Biochemical Changes Are Taking Place In Your Body Every Second;


And While Homeostasis Lasts For Only The Most Minute, Fraction Of A Fraction Of A Fraction of A Second If At All In Any Single Cell;


We Have The Ability To Guide That Process, To Move Those Cells and Systems Towards Optimal Health…


With BioCognitive Healing;–retreats.html

“Healing Yourself Accidentally…”

The Following Is A Great Perspective On A Continuing Education Talk I Gave For Chiropractors A The Local CCA Meeting By District President Dr. Ben Griffes;



I attended a lecture a few weeks ago by a colleague of mine, Dr. Robin Futoran, who spoke on the nature of healing. First, he talked about homeostasis, which is the “state of equilibrium of the internal environment of the body that is maintained by dynamic processes of feedback and regulation” or simply dynamic equilibrium. This is what happens when you are healthy. The problem, which Dr. Futoran points out, is that the body, along with the rest of the universe, is always moving away from balance and order to imbalance and disorder. Your body, therefore, is always in a state of repair and restore, bringing things back towards homeostasis.


He used the phrase “people heal themselves accidentally” and what he meant was that much of what goes on in your body is done without your conscious knowledge or deliberate purpose. You might heal yourself because you think you’re going to, you expect to, or you just happen to get enough rest and eat enough nutrients to give your body enough tools to repair itself. This all comes from your healing consciousness.


The five parts of the healing consciousness, according to Futoran, are:
Knowledge (your thoughts, information and skills)
Understanding (your ability to comprehend)
Belief (your acceptance that something exists or is true)
Faith (your trust or confidence in something or someone without proof)
Non-attachment to outcomes (you not trying to predict the future)
Everyone has subconscious beliefs, behaviors, habits and thought patterns regarding their health and healing, all leading to a “knowingness” of a clear, deep sense, without question, that healing is going to take place. Much of your healing has to do with your attitude and where your energy is focused. Some scientists believe that there is no difference between matter and energy, and there is a school of thinking called Bio-cognitive healing that is the physical nature of your thoughts.


For example, if you are holding a lot of anger or resentment towards someone or thing, you might not ever completely heal until you forgive that person. If you are fearful of an outcome or afraid of your cancer, you might worsen your condition instead of promoting your healing. In fact, a whole new department of medicine was created many years ago called Psychoneuroimmunology, which was/is the study of how a person’s thoughts and beliefs affected their physical recovery from disease. Ultimately, all that you know, understand, believe and expect is going to have a direct effect on how well you heal and how you maintain your homeostasis. For some, all is needed is an attitude adjustment.
Dr. Benjamin Griffes
Tarzana, CA
Thank You Dr. Griffes! Come Join Me For An Entire Day Of Healing And Mindfulness, Breath Empowerment, A Practical Healing And More.

July 30th In Ojai California

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BioCognitive Healing Retreat At IONS!

Man in rainbow light and starsThe BioCognitive Healing Retreat Comes To Petaluma…!



In Addition To The Upcoming July 30th BioCognitive Healing Retreat In Ojai, We Are Excited To Bring The Program To The Institute Of Noetic Science (IONS) In Petaluma on August 28th!



In Petaluma We Have A Special Guest! The Ever Bright, Skilled and Talented Qigong Teacher Erin McCloskey Will Lead Us Through An Introduction to Qigong Healing Form…!



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Fear Of The Future?

Fear of the Future!
There Is No Future… What Are You Thinking About? Where is this future?
Where Is All The Future Stuff That Has You In Fear?
Let’s See It???
That’s Right, You Can’t Show It To Me Because It Doesn’t Exist!
Why Worry About Something That Doesn’t Exist.
Would You Prefer To Get Up In The Morning And Be Going “Today I’m Going To Be In Fear And Worry About The Future!”
You Have No Control Over the Future… It’s Only A Story, One Story Of Thousands That “Might Be.”
What “May Or May Not Happen” DOES NOT EXIST.
All That’s Present Is This Moment; And What You Are Going To Do Next; That Next Step.
The Here And Now..
Just Breathe.. Here and Now.
Just “Be Here Now” (thank you Ram Dass…) Be Here Now
What You Do RIGHT NOW Is What You Can Control. Not The Future…
What you Think And Feel In This Moment Is What You Can Regulate;
The Next Step, Next Action…
You Can Only Govern This Moment.
Trust that All is Going to Unfold As It Is Supposed To Taking All The Actions You Know Are Next And Life Will Be Full Of Quantum Leaps.
Forget About The Future and About Outcomes..
Just Keep Moving Forward.
The Future Will Unfold Naturally Based on What You’re Doing Now, What You Are Thinking Now, And That Next Step..
Not Based on Thinking About or Being Afraid of Something That Doesn’t Exist…!
And, In The Future, You Won’t Even Remember Those Times Where You Were In Fear Or “Worrying About The Future.”
It Will Be The Past.
You Will Have A Past And A Future No Matter What You Do Next.
So Stop Dwelling On The Future.
Take That Step, Take That Next Big Action Into Uncertainty; Through Any Fear Or Worry;
Stop being so serious! Lighten Up! Have Fun! Find the Humor, Find The Playfulness!
Take The Actions Anyway, No Matter What,
Towards What You Really Want!
Your Ability to be Free Is Directly Proportional To Your Relationship With Uncertainty; Taking Action Even In The Face Of Fears..
Step Into Your Life Adventure, Now, Take Those Actions, Large and Small;
You Know Which Ones I’m Talking About…
It’s Where The Miracles Happen;
It’s Where Life and Living Happen…
Life Is For Living…,
And Don’t Forget To Join Me For A Full Day Of Healing, Mindfulness and Achieving Your Bliss…