Same Ol’ Same Ol’…


Same Thoughts, Same Words, Same Behaviors,

Day After, Day, Year After Year;

Same, Same, Same,


The Same Actions, Same Results,

Repression and Limitation of Emotional and Spiritual Growth…



Constantly Thinking The Same Way, Repeating The Same Words, and Redundantly Doing The Same Thing Over and Over, Day After Day;

Limits Your Opportunity of Expansive, Creative, Revitalization;

Energizing of Your Life Experience and Spiritual Evolution..!



Weather in Relationships With Partners, Children, Co-Workers, Friends, In Career, Looking in the Mirror Or In Relation To Any Life Adventure;

It’s Time To Break Out Of The Box…



The Train Just Pulled Into the Station; Don’t Miss It!
Get Up Now…



Every Day Is The  Time To Germinate, Cultivate And Develop Your Relationship With Yourself..



Rejuvenate Your Life, Revitalize Your Relationships, Reinvent Your Work;

Be All In…

100% In,



Stretch Your Creativity; Boost Your Boldness; Illuminate Your Light;

Create Different Thoughts, Speak Different Words, Tell New Stories;

Take New Actions You Routinely Wouldn’t Take;

Be The Newest, Greatest Version Of Yourself;

The Courageous One Who Takes Action In The Face of Real or Made Up-Fear.



Break The Template, Crush The Mold, Change The Pattern;



Build A New Vibrantly Energized Life Matrix Full Of Self-Fueled Inspiration;



Be Courageous. Take That Next Step;

Through Potential Embarrassment, Fear of Failure, Lethargy or Distraction;

Be Bold;

Do Something Different, Something Big;

That Thing That Will Move You The Most In The Direction Of Your Truth;



Each Day I am Altering My Paradigm To Expand, Inspire And Enhance My Life Adventure For A Boundless Life Experience That Brings An Abundance Of  Joy And Healing To Myself And Others.



What About You?