Lesson 1




No Matter How Impossible It Might Seem; The Biggest, Most Fantastic, Outrageous, Ridiculous Dream; The Pot Of Gold At The End Of The Rainbow;


Is Real… It Can Be Yours.


You Can Achieve Whatever It Is You Truly Want In Your Life;


Whatever it is you’ve always thought was impossible; Clearly Isn’t.


So Let’s Not Sulk; We Already Have What We Really Want Within Ourselves, Our Family And Friends;

Let’s Get Off Our A— And Start Doing Those Things We’ve Always Wanted To Do But Thought It Impossible…


No More Excuses;

Dream Big and Achieve Big.

Be The Difference You Seek…



Lesson 2



We Don’t Want To Give The Power Of Our Happiness Away To Anyone Else.

No One Else Is Responsible For Our Peace, Love, Joy and Happiness…

Only We Are In Control Of Being Happy, Alive, Expansive and Joyful..



Let’s Boost Our Inner Awareness; Release The Ego And Dip Down Deep Into The True Nature Of Love And Joy That We Are.


Our Nature Is To Be Joyful and Happy.

We Are The Winners Of Our Own Love, Peace Harmony and Joy;


Let’s Get Back To What Empowers Us;


Be Here Now; Be In This Present “Moment,”

Release The Past; The Last Week, Yesterday, The Last Moment, And The Last Moment, And The Last Moment; It’s All History;


Why Project Into The Future… It Doesn’t Exist…


Be In Your Joy;


Create, Loving, Expansive, Harmony, Joy and Peace In Your Heart For Yourself, Your Family And Your Friends… That’s What Matters Now..


Life Is For Living… Be Alive…!