Avoiding Something or Being in Denial, Boosts the Underlying Intensity and Power of That Thing;

It Doesn’t Go Away.. Acknowledge It. It’s Really Okay..

Results Show That Everything Is Exactly The Way It’s Supposed To Be.
Worrying, Stewing or Being Anxious About What Might Happen In The Future;

Projected Problems that Might Never Take Place;

Also Boosts the energy around those matters,

Increasing The Chance Of Their Actually Happening…

Do All You Can In The Present Moment; Then Let It Go…!


Be In The Present Moment!


With 60,000 Thoughts A Day;

Make Them Positive, Productive, Creative, Effective and Joyful Thoughts;

Thoughts That Create Love And Healing, Thoughts That Move Life In The Direction Of Your Intention;

Know that It Is More Likely That You Will Have More Laughter Today Than Crying,

That You Are More Likely To Be Healthier Than Sick,

That You Will Live Happier Than Not,

And Have Friends and Loved Ones Surrounding You Rather than Being Alone,


It’s A Balancing Act; Homeostatsis; Yin and Yang; Living and Dying;


Know That Whatever Your Worries In This Moment,

Within The Bigger Picture of Time, Space And Life On Earth,

Whatever You Are Worrying About Won’t Matter in 5 Years, Or 50 Years Or 100 Years;

That Through Many Lifetimes, The People You Love, Your Community and Even Your Government Will Always Be Far Greater Than Any One Person.


Looking Deep Within Your True-Self;

Remember That You Are Love, You Are Joy, You Are Infinite…