Join Me For “The BioCognitive Healing Retreat” In San Francisco,  January 28th At Grace Cathedral!

A Full Day of Healing, Mindfulness and Achieving Your Bliss!


Expand Your “Healing Consciousness.”

“The Five Essential Components For Healing.”

Better Understand How Thoughts, Feelings and Emotions Are Effecting  Your Getting Better.

Expand And Reformat Your “Healing Consciousness.”

Learn a Stimulating; Regenerating, Powerful Blissful Breath  
Empowerment Practice.

Enjoy an Introduction to Qigong Healing Form In The Grace Cathedral  Labyrinth With Erin McCloskey; Improving Your Healing, Calmness,  Balance, Strength, Focus and Concentration.

Learn BioCognitive Healing; Building On And Enhancing Your New or  Long-Standing Healing Skills,Improving Your Current Practice Of  Healing Yourself And Others.

What People Are Saying:

Dr. Futoran brings 30 years of chiropractic excellence to his  
Bio-Cognitive Healing Retreats. He skillfully braids his scientific  knowledge with the art of healing into presentation than can change  your life. He has lived it, practiced it and shared it with clients  world-wide.

If you are a seasoned healer, new to the field, or just intrigued, Dr.  Futoran’s workshop provides you with fresh information, new ideas,  updates on recent scientific studies and an enriching experience of  healing at a deep and effective level that you can use for yourself  and your clients. He’s a master in the field of mindful healing.


Dr. Futoran’€™s style is warm, open, inviting and supportive. If you  have the opportunity to attend one of his presentations I’d say don’t  miss it. There are plenty of Ah-Ha moments ahead.

Kac Young Ph.D., N.D., DCH.


Dr. Futoran’s program on BioCognitive Healing is a “Must Do” for any practitioner who desires to learn how to connect better with themselves and their patients. You will learn the science behind the approach and gain a better understanding on how to harness life  energy. You will also learn tools on how to handle stress and create  more balance in your life.

It would have been awesome to have this knowledge 30 years ago when I started out in practice, but it’s never too late!

I highly recommend this program. 

Douglas DeSalvo DC Novato, CA


I recently attended Dr Futoran’s BioCognitive healing retreat in Ojai,  California.  I would highly recommend “The BioCognitive Healing Retreat” for anyone  interested in understanding or enhancing their ability to effect their anatomy and physiology in healing themselves or others. Dr. Futoran’s  experience, knowledge, and understanding of the complex subjects in  
science and healing gives him the ability to cleverly bridge the two  in an easy to understand language. You’ll learn practical practices  for daily healing, meditation and generally finish the day feeling  empowered, centered, with new knowledge and healing skills. Richard A.  Schwartz, Esq.!


After attending Dr. Robin’s BioCognitive Healing retreat in Ojai  
California, I was immediately able to use everything I learned when I  returned to work! My already busy patient load increased, the phones  have been ringing off the hook and I have been leaving work with more  energy than when I started. I would recommend this seminar to any  Chiropractor looking to have more joy in practice, consciously guide  
yourself and others through the healing process and energize your  life. Christina M. Dumbadse, DC

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