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“Service To The One…”


“Holding Healing Hands…:-)”

UCHands“Holding Hands” Creates Closer Relationships and Reduces Pain…!

“Touch Induced Analgesia!”

A Reminder of The Importance of Human Touch…¬†
Whether a Partner, Family or Friend…

Researchers out of the Universities of Haifa, Israel and Boulder Colorado studied couples who had been together for at least 2 years; using EEG to wire the brains of couples for just two minutes, some of them were touching for that time and others were not.
What they found in the couples touching was that:

1. Their Heart Rates and Breathing Synchronized.
2. There was Increased Brain Activity.
3. Greater Synchronicity of Brain Waves.
4. A Reduction of Pain.

They also found that having empathy for someone in pain increase some brain synchronicity and reduction of pain.

While some brain synchronicity was present by just being together, it was greatly enhanced by the couples holding hands..

Reach out and hold a hand today; Improve your Interpersonal Synchronization and Enjoy some Touch-Induced Analgesia