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“Love, Peace, Kindness = Connection…”


“Expanding Conscious Awareness…”


“You Are Always Enough…”


Tomorrow In San Francisco..!

“The BioCognitive Healing Retreat!”  Join Us For A Fun, Interesting and Inspiring Day…–retreats.html


A New Paradigm In Healing…

January 28th, 2017      San Francisco     California       Grace Cathedral

A Full Day Of Healing, Mindfulness And Achieving Your Bliss!

Don’t Miss Out…

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Anger, Resentment and Fear…

The Buddha Says “Hold Anger And Resentment Is Like Picking Up A Hot Coal And Expecting Someone Else To Get Burned…”

“The BioCognitive Healing Retreat” January 28th, 2017 San Francisco–retreats.html



Bold, Adventurous, Courageous Uncertainty…

Bringing In The New Year Courageously Following Your Heart…


Join Me In The New Year For “The BioCognitive Healing Retreat!”

January 28th, 2017, San Francisco, California at Grace Cathedral..

Revitalize Your Life; Expand Your Healing Skills, Powerfully Manifest With Breath Empowerment; Build Inner Strength With Qigong Healing Form, Build Your Unique, Personal Meditation Workshop..!

A Full Day of Healing, Mindfulness and Achieving Your Bliss…

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