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“Living Life Fully…”


“The Greatest Gift You Can Give…”


“Love, Peace, Kindness = Connection…”


Anger, Resentment and Fear…

The Buddha Says “Hold Anger And Resentment Is Like Picking Up A Hot Coal And Expecting Someone Else To Get Burned…”

“The BioCognitive Healing Retreat” January 28th, 2017 San Francisco–retreats.html



BioCognitive Healing July 30, Ojai, CA

Man in rainbow light and starsLess Than 4 Weeks Away!!

A Very Exciting Program.. With A Special Guest; Thomas Dale Will Be Leading The Introduction to Qigong Healing Form!


Don’t Miss This Full Day Healing, Mindfulness, And Achieving Your Bliss..;
Guided Visual Adventures, Qigong, Blissful Breath Empowerment, Self-Healing Daily Practice, Enhance Your Ability to Healing Yourself and Others;



Save The Date July 30 2016 In Ojai; Register Now:


New BioCognitive Healing Retreat Dates..!

High Resonance Healing Words

“A Full Day Of Healing, Mindfulness, And Achieving Your Bliss!”

Who Should Attend?
Anyone dealing with acute or chronic health issues. Anyone who wants to enhance and compound their current methods of healing, healthcare or medicine. Those who wish to learn a precise method for healing oneself and others. The BioCognitive Healing Retreat is designed to lead you through a process of releasing old limited blocks and barriers in your understanding of illness and health, reformatting your “Healing Consciousness” to greater possibilities and reconnecting you with your body’s natural ability to heal. We have had attendees in the program dealing with every form of physical and emotional health issues including, Depression, Chronic Fatigue, Neurological Disorders, Cancer, Fears, Anxiety and Phobias, Anger, Conditions of Various Organs, and Joints.

The Day Will Also Include Powerful Breath Empowerment Exercises, A Daily Self-Healing Practice And An Introduction To Qigong Level One Healing Form.



Don’t Wait, Space Is Limited, Sign Up Now:–retreats.html


Illusion Of The Comfort Zone

Ireland03.13_14191aDublin_TM“This place is a dream. Only a sleeper considers it real. Then death comes like dawn, and you wake up laughing at what you thought was your grief.”



Leaping Into Uncharted Territory Step by Step, Day by Day;


Out Of The Comfort Zone, Taking Blind Faith Actions;


Invigorated; Feeling Alive, Expansive, Inspired and Motivated,


And Wishing You The Same…


Because This Is Only A Dream..