“A Guide to Healing Mankind”
Integrated Bio-Stimulus Therapy (IBST)

Regenerative Healing Through the Integration of Science and Spirituality;

Dr. Futoran continues his work completing an ambitious book based on the premise that “Thoughts Change Biochemistry.” He presents a new technique in healing which combines accepted scientific/medical knowledge with accepted scientific/metaphysical (beyond physical) knowledge.

This unique book examines the reasons why research in physical science and equal research in metaphysical science became divided. With evidence based on support in science, physics, and metaphysics, a detailed perspective is offered in the understanding of the origin of physical matter, and how the energy of physical matter can be accessed and utilized to aid in the healing process.

Motivational Gizmo

The Motivational GizmoTM is currently in the final stages of development. Watch for news of its availability. Keep checking back for updates and information regarding the completion and availability of “The Motivational Gizmo!”

Most people have unaccomplished desires in their lives: something very important that would have been hugely gratifying that they always wished they could do or could have done.

The Motivational Gizmo is a inspirational, functional and decorative device, designed to bring action to anyone wishing to achieve their greatest goals and desires.

In the list below, if any of the items fit an objective, goal or desire in your life, then The Motivational Gizmo can guide you through the process to completion.

Stay on track to develop a new business idea.
Grow an established business.
Desire greater abundance and prosperity in life.
Get that book written that you have always wanted to have published.
Develop a new product idea.
Motivate yourself to do what is necessary to reach a specific goal.
Tackle whatever you need to accomplish in your life.
Start a new business.
Create or improve your general health.
Move through the process of earning a degree.
Inspire kids to focus on important school work and home activities.
Enhance spiritual growth.
Teachers: use the Gizmo as a tool in motivating kids in the classroom.
Urge teens forward towards higher education or other important objectives.
Stay on track in developing and manufacturing a new product concept.
Focus children and adults who have Attention Deficit, Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) issues.
Improve and grow healthy relationships.
Find the love of your life in a relationship.
Fight an addiction.
Finally take charge and be successful with weight loss.
Commit to any important project.
Achieve commitments.
Overcome obstacles and barriers that keep you from being successful in your business.
Successfully handle all your problems.
Feel gratitude for all you have.