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Anger, Resentment and Fear…

The Buddha Says “Hold Anger And Resentment Is Like Picking Up A Hot Coal And Expecting Someone Else To Get Burned…”

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Bold, Adventurous, Courageous Uncertainty…

Bringing In The New Year Courageously Following Your Heart…


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Thoughts, Feelings, Emotions…


Focused, Highly Concentrated, Specific, Purposeful, Intentional, Biochemistry Modifying, Guided, Explosively Mind And Body Altering, Conscious Knowing Without A Doubt, Positive Healing Thoughts… Matter..

“The BioCognitive Healing Retreat” January 28, 2017 San Francisco…–retreats.html



dsc00885Giving Thanks For;


For Good Health, For Family, Friends And Neighbors, For Food On The Table And A Roof Over Head;



But Especially Giving Thanks For Our Ability To Meet And Join Together From A Place Of Love, Peace, Harmony And Joy;

Beyond The Physical World Illusions Of Egos, Words And Behaviors That Too Often And Needlessly Divide Us…



Giving Thanks From That Place Deep In The Heart Center, Beyond Time And Space,



Where We Are All One;




“Healing Yourself Accidentally…”

The Following Is A Great Perspective On A Continuing Education Talk I Gave For Chiropractors A The Local CCA Meeting By District President Dr. Ben Griffes;



I attended a lecture a few weeks ago by a colleague of mine, Dr. Robin Futoran, who spoke on the nature of healing. First, he talked about homeostasis, which is the “state of equilibrium of the internal environment of the body that is maintained by dynamic processes of feedback and regulation” or simply dynamic equilibrium. This is what happens when you are healthy. The problem, which Dr. Futoran points out, is that the body, along with the rest of the universe, is always moving away from balance and order to imbalance and disorder. Your body, therefore, is always in a state of repair and restore, bringing things back towards homeostasis.


He used the phrase “people heal themselves accidentally” and what he meant was that much of what goes on in your body is done without your conscious knowledge or deliberate purpose. You might heal yourself because you think you’re going to, you expect to, or you just happen to get enough rest and eat enough nutrients to give your body enough tools to repair itself. This all comes from your healing consciousness.


The five parts of the healing consciousness, according to Futoran, are:
Knowledge (your thoughts, information and skills)
Understanding (your ability to comprehend)
Belief (your acceptance that something exists or is true)
Faith (your trust or confidence in something or someone without proof)
Non-attachment to outcomes (you not trying to predict the future)
Everyone has subconscious beliefs, behaviors, habits and thought patterns regarding their health and healing, all leading to a “knowingness” of a clear, deep sense, without question, that healing is going to take place. Much of your healing has to do with your attitude and where your energy is focused. Some scientists believe that there is no difference between matter and energy, and there is a school of thinking called Bio-cognitive healing that is the physical nature of your thoughts.


For example, if you are holding a lot of anger or resentment towards someone or thing, you might not ever completely heal until you forgive that person. If you are fearful of an outcome or afraid of your cancer, you might worsen your condition instead of promoting your healing. In fact, a whole new department of medicine was created many years ago called Psychoneuroimmunology, which was/is the study of how a person’s thoughts and beliefs affected their physical recovery from disease. Ultimately, all that you know, understand, believe and expect is going to have a direct effect on how well you heal and how you maintain your homeostasis. For some, all is needed is an attitude adjustment.
Dr. Benjamin Griffes
Tarzana, CA
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Billions Of Times A Day…

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