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Anger, Resentment and Fear…

The Buddha Says “Hold Anger And Resentment Is Like Picking Up A Hot Coal And Expecting Someone Else To Get Burned…”

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Bold, Adventurous, Courageous Uncertainty…

Bringing In The New Year Courageously Following Your Heart…


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Thoughts, Feelings, Emotions…


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Billions Of Times A Day…

Man in rainbow light and stars
Billions of Times A Day All Over The Planet, People At Times, Heal Themselves and Others; ACCIDENTALLY…. There Are Times When You Have Healed Yourself And Others, Accidentally…
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With Deepest Conviction…!

Mediterranean11._16458aRoma_TMA ‘No’ uttered from deepest conviction is better and greater than a ‘Yes’
merely uttered to please, or what is worse, to avoid trouble.
-Mahatma Gandhi
Is Your Need To Feel Accepted, Loved and Safe Enslaving You To The Masses?
Does it Drive You To Behave, Express Yourself, And Take Actions or Not Take Actions That Are Aligned With Your Truth?
While at the same time not being calculated, controlling or manipulative But Rather acting and thinking from your authentic self, from your connection to source…?
Are Your Plans, Your Purpose, Your Thoughts, Your Desires, Your Actions Aligned with Your Inner Truth…

Just Asking…

In every thought, in every situation;
Let Us Step Into Our Authentic Selves and Spend the Day Expressing Our Inner Authenticity.

Let Us Avoid those who attempt to;
Stunt Our Growth, Suppress Our Vitality, Control or Manipulate Us, or Try to Suck the Happiness out of Us…

Life is For Living…

“Accountability / Responsibility”

IreDunluceCastle_3722a_TMIf you believe in total accountability;

In other words,

If you realize that you create every person, each event and every situation in your life; That all that you attract to you has importance, meaning and purpose;

Then this note is just a reminder, that you “Didn’t” create that person, event or situation To:

To Feel Bad or Sad,
To Feel Defeated,
To Feel Unworthy,
To Feel Fear or Doubt,
To Give Up,

To Find Fault in Someone,
To Be Controlling, Manipulative, Mean or Cause Harm,
To Be Angry or Resentful Toward a Person…

If you “are” having any of those thoughts or feelings;

I promise you, that you have the option of re-evaluating the situation, person, thoughts and feelings;
You have the ability find a greater inner truth,

To alter your perception,
To Feel Free,
To Feel Good,
To gain Insight that will free you;
To Have an Understanding that Opens Your Heart, That Opens Your Eyes To New Possibilities and New Opportunities…
But “Definitely,” I Know that you didn’t create anything in your life to have those Other Thoughts and Feelings…

You Get To Choose….

Life Is For Living;
Freely, Expansively, Creatively, Fully, and Joyfully…

“I Finally Made It!”

Ireland03.13_13745aGlenalough_TMHave You Ever Worked Hard To Achieve A Life Goal, A Big Success,

And Then Very Shortly Following Say To Yourself;

“Is That It?”

Most People Who Reach Even Their Greatest Life Success Eventually Say;
“Is This All There Is?”

Well Of Course!

Life’s Fulfillment, Joy, Love, Peace, Harmony, Bliss and “Connection” to People, To Someone, To The God Energy (TETIE..);
Does Not Arise From Any Single Achievement, No Matter How Great!

The Joy Is In “The Achieving!” Not In The “Achieved.”

Fulfillment is Found In The Story That Brought You To That Success!

An Achievement, Reaching A Daily or Life Goal Large or Small Might Better Be Considered;

An Exciting, Joyful, Short Lived Moment, A Historical Event,
A Step In The Greater Life’s Journey… To A New Adventure…

Inner Fulfillment, Experiencing Life, “Feeling Alive,”
With Love, Sadness, Frustration, Happiness, Connection, Fear, Love, Joy, Harmony, Chaos, Peace, Satisfaction, Connection, And Love;

Feeling Fulfilled, is In: “The Achieving,”

It’s In “Living Life” To Its Fullest;

Listening To Your Spontaneous, Creative, Expansive Self


Participating; Taking Action, Jumping Into Some Uncertainty For What’s Around The Next Corner,


Without Need To Know All The Details Or What Comes Next.

Jumping First, And Watching For The Opportunity That Unfolds,
Seeing the progress that ensues by continuing to take steps and Keep Jumping into the Uncertainty Again, And Again,

“Being Alive” Is Continuing to Jump Back In To Your Creativity Courageously In The Face Of Uncertainty, In The Face Of Fears,

Living Your Fullest Is:
Leaping Into A New Story… Another Story In-Progress…

“Life Is For Living.”