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Anger, Resentment and Fear…

The Buddha Says “Hold Anger And Resentment Is Like Picking Up A Hot Coal And Expecting Someone Else To Get Burned…”

“The BioCognitive Healing Retreat” January 28th, 2017 San Francisco–retreats.html




Bold, Adventurous, Courageous Uncertainty…

Bringing In The New Year Courageously Following Your Heart…


Join Me In The New Year For “The BioCognitive Healing Retreat!”

January 28th, 2017, San Francisco, California at Grace Cathedral..

Revitalize Your Life; Expand Your Healing Skills, Powerfully Manifest With Breath Empowerment; Build Inner Strength With Qigong Healing Form, Build Your Unique, Personal Meditation Workshop..!

A Full Day of Healing, Mindfulness and Achieving Your Bliss…

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Thoughts, Feelings, Emotions…


Focused, Highly Concentrated, Specific, Purposeful, Intentional, Biochemistry Modifying, Guided, Explosively Mind And Body Altering, Conscious Knowing Without A Doubt, Positive Healing Thoughts… Matter..

“The BioCognitive Healing Retreat” January 28, 2017 San Francisco…–retreats.html


Healers, Chiropractors, Physicians…



Bring In The New Year Further Expanding Your Paradigm In Healing and Patient Care…

Join Me January 28th, 2017 in San Francisco For;

“A Full Day Of Healing, Mindfulness and Achieving Your Bliss.”

Come boost your ability to heal yourself and others!

Add “BioCognitive Healing” To Your Treatment Protocols,


“The Five Essential Components For Healing,”

Experience the powerful practice of “Blissful Breath Empowerment,”

Enjoy an introduction to “Qigong Healing Form,”

Build your “Personal Meditation Workshop,”

Learn a “Daily Healing Practice.”

Take A Walk On The Iconic “Grace Cathedral Labyrinth”

Learn Why is it that in a large group of people with the same condition, they don’t respond to the same treatment? Or Why those same people with the same condition might respond to any one of a dozen treatments but not to the others..?

While this program is designed for anyone interested in learning about healing and health, and designed to enhance current healing practices of any type,

The Program Also Include Continuing Education Hours for Chiropractors and Massage Therapists?

12 Hours CEs for California Chiropractors.

8 Hours CEs Nationally for Massage Therapists–retreats.html

Here’s What People Are Saying About The BioCognitive Healing Retreat..:

Dr. Futoran brings 30 years of chiropractic excellence to his Bio-Cognitive Healing Retreats. He skillfully braids his scientific knowledge with the art of healing into presentation than can change your life. He has lived it, practiced it and shared it with clients world-wide.

If you are a seasoned healer, new to the field, or just intrigued, Dr. Futoran’s workshop provides you with fresh information, new ideas, updates on recent scientific studies and an enriching experience of healing at a deep and effective level that you can use for yourself and your clients. He’s a master in the field of mindful healing.

Dr. Futoran’s style is warm, open, inviting and supportive. If you have the opportunity to attend one of his presentations I’d say don’t miss it. There are plenty of Ah-Ha moments ahead.  Kac Young Ph.D., N.D., DCH. Ventura, CA


Dr. Futoran’s program on BioCognitive Healing is a “Must Do” for any practitioner who desires to learn how to connect better with themselves and their patients.

You will learn the science behind the approach and gain a better understanding on how to harness life energy.

You will also learn tools on how to handle stress and create more balance in your life.

It would have been awesome to have this knowledge 30 years ago when I started out in practice, but it’s never too late!

I highly recommend this program.

Douglas DeSalvo DC Novato, CA


A fascinating and well-illustrated presentation, Dr. Futoran knowledgably connects the dots between science and metaphysics to draw not just a picture for personal well-being, but a comprehensive guide to healing self and others.

Dr. Futoran’s broad background in both healing and teaching makes him the perfect person to offer this workshop. His compassion and desire to promote healing through the sharing of this information is self-evident.

Reverend Marlene Morris, DD Minister of Religious Science Ventura, CA


After attending Dr. Robin’s BioCognitive Healing retreat in Ojai California, I was immediately able to use everything I learned when I returned to work! My already busy patient load increased, the phones have been ringing off the hook and I have been leaving work with more energy than when I started. I would recommend this seminar to any Chiropractor looking to have more joy in practice, consciously guide yourself and others through the healing process and energize your life.

Christina M. Dumbadse, DC Santa Rosa, CA


I recently attended Dr Futoran’s BioCognitive healing retreat in Ojai, California.

I would highly recommend “The BioCognitive Healing Retreat” for anyone interested in understanding or enhancing their ability to effect their anatomy and physiology in healing themselves or others. Dr. Futoran’s experience, knowledge, and understanding of the complex subjects in science and healing gives him the ability to cleverly bridge the two in an easy to understand language. You’ll learn practical practices for daily healing, meditation and generally finish the day feeling empowered, centered, with new knowledge and healing skills. 

Richard A. Schwartz, Esq. Santa Barbara, CA


“I attended Dr Robin Futoran Bio Cognitive Healing Retreat at EarthRise Retreat Center. It was a wonderful and insightful day. We spent the day learning a variety of healing techniques. The techniques were centered around energy and how to use them to relieve pain, illness or emotional blocks. He took us through several steps that he has found in his experience to be essential for healing to happen. He backed up his claims using science, ancient wisdom and hands on demonstrations. His warm demeanor made me feel comfortable and relaxed. I would highly recommend Dr Robin Futoran on an individual basis or in a group environment.”

With much love and respect,  Ninotchka Vicini Napa, CA–retreats.html



It’s Not Too Late…!

It’s Not Too Late To Give The Gift Of An Experience!

Give The Gift Or Bring A Friend To;

“The BioCognitive Healing Retreat” January 28, 2017 in San Francisco, California,

At The Iconic Grace Cathedral on Nob Hill!


A Full Day With A New Paradigm In Healing, Mindfulness And Achieving Your Bliss

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Redundant Life View…


Same Ol’ Same Ol’…


Same Thoughts, Same Words, Same Behaviors,

Day After, Day, Year After Year;

Same, Same, Same,


The Same Actions, Same Results,

Repression and Limitation of Emotional and Spiritual Growth…



Constantly Thinking The Same Way, Repeating The Same Words, and Redundantly Doing The Same Thing Over and Over, Day After Day;

Limits Your Opportunity of Expansive, Creative, Revitalization;

Energizing of Your Life Experience and Spiritual Evolution..!



Weather in Relationships With Partners, Children, Co-Workers, Friends, In Career, Looking in the Mirror Or In Relation To Any Life Adventure;

It’s Time To Break Out Of The Box…



The Train Just Pulled Into the Station; Don’t Miss It!
Get Up Now…



Every Day Is The  Time To Germinate, Cultivate And Develop Your Relationship With Yourself..



Rejuvenate Your Life, Revitalize Your Relationships, Reinvent Your Work;

Be All In…

100% In,



Stretch Your Creativity; Boost Your Boldness; Illuminate Your Light;

Create Different Thoughts, Speak Different Words, Tell New Stories;

Take New Actions You Routinely Wouldn’t Take;

Be The Newest, Greatest Version Of Yourself;

The Courageous One Who Takes Action In The Face of Real or Made Up-Fear.



Break The Template, Crush The Mold, Change The Pattern;



Build A New Vibrantly Energized Life Matrix Full Of Self-Fueled Inspiration;



Be Courageous. Take That Next Step;

Through Potential Embarrassment, Fear of Failure, Lethargy or Distraction;

Be Bold;

Do Something Different, Something Big;

That Thing That Will Move You The Most In The Direction Of Your Truth;



Each Day I am Altering My Paradigm To Expand, Inspire And Enhance My Life Adventure For A Boundless Life Experience That Brings An Abundance Of  Joy And Healing To Myself And Others.



What About You?

Only A Few Seats Left For This Sunday The 28th At The Institute of Noetic Sciences In Petaluma, California!

Don’t Miss Out On A Full Day Of Healing, Mindfulness and Achieving Your Bliss…


At The Institute of Noetic Sciences in Petaluma,


– Bridge The Gap Between Science and Healing,

– Gain A Greater Knowledge, Understanding And Tools For Healing Yourself And Others,

– Learn “The Five Essential Components For Healing,”

– Understand How The Energy Of Your Thoughts Directly and Powerfully Alter Your Biochemistry and Genetic Coding creating Illness Or Health,

– Build Your Personal, Unique Meditation Workshop For Enjoying Your Life and Building The Newest Life Of Your Dreams,

– Have An Introduction to Qigong Healing Form with special guest Erin McCloskey

– Be Guided Through “Blissful Breath Empowerment,” a Powerful Practice Of Charging Up Every Cell In Your Body, Inspiring You To Manifest and Participate Fully in Every Life Adventure You Desire…

– Learn a Daily Self-Healing Practice,

– Meet Like Minded People,

– Enjoy An Amazing Lunch Included From The IONS Kitchen,

– Take An Early Morning Walking Meditation on the IONS Labyrinth…


It’s A Full, Satiating Day, Healing, Mindfulness and Achieving Your Bliss…


I’m looking forward to seeing you there…


Don’t Miss Out; Register Here:–retreats.html