You’re Already In Heaven is a guide for removing limiting thoughts that interfere with making perfect life choices for ourselves, and for living every day from a place of joy.

Where exactly is Heaven? What really happens to us when we die? What happens to our thoughts and consciousness after we die? Dr. Futoran explores the eternal nature of our spiritual self, the conscious mind, relationship to the physical self, and achieving heaven without dying.

Combining critical thinking and clinical reasoning, with studies in areas of spirituality, ancient philosophy, modern science and meditation, Dr. Futoran offers an intriguing and insightful interpretation integrating the connection between life and death, consciousness, dreams, and spirituality. While possibly challenging preconceived ideas, he defines and shares spiritual truths as he has come to know them, unlocking the door to greater understanding of the practical application of expanding one’s reference in living each day and each moment in a state of love, peace, harmony and joy. The book is a reference for living perpetually in Heaven.

A Definitive Guide To Reaching Heaven.

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