There are so many different ways that man is related to one another beyond genetic composition and ancestral lineage. This connection pre-dates the first human and his ancestors. We humans connect verbally and visually while in close contact or remotely via phone lines, text messaging, airwaves, computer monitors and video. We also connect through physical contact by handshakes, a hug, through sports and closeness in many additional forms. Also, there is contact through day dreams, night dreams, meditation and extrasensory. Then there is the greater link where we all are joined as one, as those unique extensions of and functioning from within The Energy That Is Everything (TETIE, God as you know and understand her).

Within the many modes of human bonding, this article is about a very direct way that we intimately share something with every person on the planet, past or present. In fact we even gift this intimately shared connection into the future. Probably unknown to most reading this, you introduce this substance into your body, then deliver it out into the atmosphere, passing it on for everyone else to have their turn. This is a perpetual cycle of communicating with each living person. Think of it as if everyone on the planet double dipped in your guacamole. Or you might liken this process to sharing your birthday dessert with the same spoon that is continuously passed around the world and back to you again! Are we having fun yet?

Greek for Lazy or Inactive, I’m talking about an element listed on the periodic table called Argon.

As the Third Most Common Gas In the Earth’s Atmosphere, the element Argon is shared between Everyone!

Consider the following:

Argon is an inert gas meaning it combines with nothing nor does it react with anything else.

It makes up about 1% of the Earth’s atmosphere equaling something like 60 trillion tons.

Argon remains stable at high and low temperatures maintaining a seemingly impossible half life of 1.25 billion years, meaning each argon atom remains present in the atmosphere for approximately 2.5 billion years. That’s about half the age of earth.

Exchanged like a virus, There are estimated to be hundreds of trillions of argon atoms in a single breath.

Because argon is inert, when those hundreds of trillions of atoms are inhaled during a breath, there is no chemical reaction so it does not attach to the lung tissue, it is not absorbed into the lungs, nor does it break down. Instead, argon is spewed rapidly back into the atmosphere just as it was breathed in. Those same hundreds of trillions of Argon atoms burst right back into the room or environment where you stand where they are then breathed in by those around you. Yes by “everyone,” as are yours.

Astronomer Harlow Shapley calculates that the Argon you exhale will have spread across the country within a week, and within one year the same argon atoms you exhale will have traveled around the entire earth, some of them making there way back to you (maybe as few as 15) to be breathed again.

Shapley says that your next breath will contain 400,000 argon atoms that Ghandi breathed during his long life, argon atoms from conversations at the Last Supper, and from recitations by classical poets like Shakespeare.

The gas Argon maintains a constant interaction between everyone past and present. This means we are breathing argon from the first breath of every newborn and the last breath of everyone who passes on. Can you imagine, the list is endless of those who we have breathed through Argon, heroes and villain alike. Moses, Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Mother Theresa, JFK, Martin Luther King, Aristotle, Di Vinci, Joan of Arc, Einstein, Plato, the dinosaurs, whales, your neighbors pet, make your own list! You’ve been sharing Argon with everyone your entire life! You literally inhale and exhale your ancestors!

This may be another way for you to realize your connection to the brightest and best who ever lived, and an ongoing connection to family and friends past or present. But also, the next time someone is annoying you and you are thinking “I’m glad I don’t have to live with them,” you might exercise a little patience, compassion and empathy, knowing that by intimately sharing Argon gas with them not only in that moment, but probably later on too, they might as well be double dipping a chip in your guacamole.

Just a little reminder that there is no escaping the relationship that we all share with one another…

(Most of the above noted statistics are from Astronomer Harlow Shapley’s (1885-1972), “Beyond the Observatory,” Charles Scribner’s Sons, New York, 1967.
Other references include:
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Photography by:
Dr. Robin L. Futoran

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